House of Representatives

1. the lower legislative branch of the federal parliament of Australia, elected on a population basis and having approximately twice as many members as the Senate.
2. the legislature of New Zealand, formerly the lower, but now the sole, chamber of parliament.
3. a similar body elsewhere, as the United States, Mexico, Japan, etc.
The Australian House of Representatives originally comprised 75 members, but this has since increased to 150. They are elected by a system of preferential voting. The duration of the house after an election is a maximum of three years, but it may be dissolved earlier by the governor-general. Like all lower houses in the Westminster system, it is the dominant house, being that in which governments are formed, where the prime minister sits and where most legislation is initiated; however, the Senate has a power of veto over it, the strength of which was shown in the constitutional crisis of 1975.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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